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Unit 1

1. Scenario: Love What We do!

Vocabulary :

google driveJobs     Interviewing    google driveApplying for a job


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Future Tense


Spoken interaction

The worksheet contains ten “had you ever…” questions about work or life experiences. Working individually, students write their own responses. Then, they will write one follow-up question for each item on their worksheet (there is a useful vocabulary list in the last column of the worksheet).

Last Year...

Had you ever...

My Answer

Follow Up Question

Partner’s Answer

  Worked on a farm?


  Cooked in a restaurant?


  Helped in a store?


  Worked as a teacher?


  Argued with a co-worker?


  Taken care of children?


  Used English at your job?


  Arrived late to work?


  Changed job positions?


  Worked in a bakery?




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